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VH-8 type serial high-efficient mixer

Release time:2019/06/21 Mixer series V-shaped mixer Views:199


Main application:

This machine is suitable for dry powder material, the mixing of particle form supplies in such trades as pharmacy, chemical industry, food, fodder, pottery, metallurgy, ect. Charge-in can feed in taw material by hand or the vacuum sucks the material. It makes two wait for high model V cylinder tube intermix supplies is it stir to reciprocate to wait for high model cylinder tube make through mechanical drive, achieve the even purpose that mixes.



The machine adopts V type asymmetric material tube to compound, having no dead angle, even and with high efficiency, rational structure, easy to operate, and the material tube adopts the stainless steel material to make, the inboard wall is bright and clean and easy to wash. It is ideal equipment for the enterprise.


Technique parameter:

Type Barrel capacity(L) Feed volume (L) Feed weight (kg) Agitation speed (r/min) Mix with time (min) Motor power (kw)
VH-8 8 0.32*8 2.5 60 6-8 0.25


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