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JF-8Electronic Counting machine

Release time:2019/06/24 Electronic counting bottle line Views:202


Main features:

Strong compatibility,It can count and bottle various kind of solid preparation or sol  solid granules for example,tablet (including heteromorphism tablet)、capsule、soft  capsule( transparent and non-transparent)、pill etc.

Vibration cutting: 8 channel vibration under homogeneous materials, unique patent agencies blanking, turning out material is steady, not damage .

Anti high dust :Adopting the anti high dust photoelectric sensing technology only developed by our company ,it also can work stably under the high dust circumstance.

Correct counting :With automatic photoelectric sensor counting ,the error of bottling is less than nation standard.

Special structure of the discharge spout, can prevent blocking drugs, small bottle can fast bottling (optional)

High intelligence :It has various alarm and control functions like no bottle no count,check fault automatically and so on.

Auxiliary function :Photoelectric sensor can check automatically if there’s no bottle and stops automatically.

Easy operation :Adopting intellectualized design, all kinds of operation data can be set according to the requirement .It can store 10 groups of setting parameters for use.

Convenient maintenance :After simple training, the worker can operate easily.It is easy to disassembly, clean and change the components without any tools.

Sealing and dustproof :Dust collection box is available, it can reduce the dust pollution. (Optional)


Main technical parameters:

Applicable bottle shape round、square plastic bottle
Filling material Φ0~5#capsule、soft capsule、Φ5.5~12compressed tablet、special-shaped tablet、sugarcoated tablet,Φ3~12pill
Production capacity 10~30 bottles per minute(It depends on the bottle size、filling quantity and the tablet size)
The setting range of bottling volume 1—9999
Power supply AC220V 50Hz 0.6kw
Accuracy rate >99.5%(better than the industrial standard )
Air pressure 0.6Mpa
Overall dimension 660×1280×780mm
Weight 120kg


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