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DP-12、25 Single Punch Tablet Press

Release time:2019/07/17 DP single punch Single punching machine Views:175


Main purpose:

Researched and developed successfully by absorbing advanced technologies from abroad, the machine is a continuous automatic tablet press used for pressing powder and granular raw materials into tablets in such industries as medicine, chemical industry, electronics and food.

With high utilization rate of materials, reasonable structure, convenient operation, low volume, high pressure, low noise, little difference in tablet weight, continuous adjustment of filling depth of materials and tablet thickness, all performance indexes of this machine reach the level of an imported one. Fully conforming to requirements for pharmaceutical sanitation in China, it is a preferred machine for scientific research institutes, pharmaceutical plant process rooms and hospital preparation rooms. The machine adopts many novel designs during its designing process, so as to ensure that the production process is safer and more standard.


Main feature:

The fully closed machine avoids dust cross contamination and conforms to GMP requirements

The safety protective device adopts more reasonable user-friendly design

The machine has wider operation space

With prominent bearing capacity, it is suitable for production of a wider range of tablets.


Technique parameters:

Model DP-12 DP-25
Punch quantity(set) 1 1
Max.tablet diameter(mm) 12 25
Max.output(tablets/minute) 60 60
Max.main pressure(kn) 50 50
Max.filling depth(mm) 20 20
Max.tablet thickness(mm) 8 8
Motor power(kw) 220V/50Hz,1.1KW 220V/50Hz,1.5KW
Overall size(mm) 550*450*750 580*500*830
Machine weight(kg) 100 150


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