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The factory is mainly engaged in the processing of food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery and other equipment. The company specializes in providing pharmaceutical, health care products, food, beverage and other industry equipment. The factory address is located at No. 182, Sanjiakou Village, Zhenghe Town, Tianning District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China.

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Yourun Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

SF series stainless steel pulverizing unit

Release time:2019/06/14 Coarse crusher Crusher series Views:306


Main application:

This machine is widely used for pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, pesticide industry, foodstuff industry, grain industry and so on.This machine uses the relative motion between movable and fixed teeth disc, and the raw materials to be crushed undertakes the comprehensive actions such as impacted by teeth, friction, impacted between raw materials. Finally the raw materials are to be crushed. It features in simple and solid structure, stable in operation and high crushed efficiency. The crushed raw material can be discharged through the grinding chamber. Moreover, different sizes of raw material to be crushed can be got through exchanging screen with different meshes, with its inner wall processed finely. So it is smooth and level. It overcomes the shortcomings existed in the old model such as roughness and accumulated powder. It makes the products of medicines, foodstuff and chemicals and so on in conformity with the requirements of state standard and meets the requirements of GMP


Technique Parameter:

Model SF-20B SF-30B SF-40B SF-50B
The principal axis turns soon 5800 r/min 4500 r/min 3800 r/min 3200 r/min
Production capacity(kg/h) 5-150 20-300 60-800 100-1400
Feed paricel(mm) 6 10 12 12
Smash thin degree(mesh) 60-150 60-120 60-120 60-120
Motor power(kw) 4 5.5 7.5 11
Fen power(kw) 0.55 0.75 1.1 3
Overall size(mm) 1100*600*1650 1200*650*1650 1350*700*1700 1400*800*1750
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