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RXH-5-C、14-C、27-C、41-C、54-C Hot Air Circulation Oven

Release time:2019/06/21 Drying equipment Hot air circulation oven Views:173


Main application:

It is widely used in pharmaceutical food, chemical industry etc. This baked and dehumidified to material.

Its work principle is that used steam or electric heating air, then made a cycling dry with heated air. There is even dry and lower discrepancy of Temperature difference in the each side of even. In the dry course of supplying continuously flesh air and discharging hot air so that the even might be in good condition and kept proper temperature and humidity.

Technique parameter:

Standard type RXH-5-C RXH-14-C RXH-27-C
Old type CT-C-0 CT-C-I CT-C-II
Dry quantity (kg) 60 120 240
Power (kw) 0.45 0.45 0.9
Used steam (kg/h) 5 18 36
Wind power (m³/h) 4510 3400 6900
Temperature difference ±2°C ±2°C ±2°C
Over plate 24 48 96
Overall dimensions (mm) 1550×1000×2290 2300×1200×2300 2300×2200×2300
Remarks A truck of single-door Two trucks of one-door Four trucks of two-door
Net weight (kg) 600 1000 1600
Gross weight (kg) 850 1350 1350


Standard type RXH-41-C RXH-54-C
Old type CT-C-III CT-C-IV
Dry quantity (kg) 360 400
Power (kw) 1.35 1.8
Used steam (kg/h) 54 72
Wind power (m³/h) 10350 13800
Temperature difference ±2°C ±2°C
Over plate 144 192
Overall dimensions (mm) 2300×3200×2300 4460×2200×2290
Remarks Six trucks of three-door Eight trucks of four-door
Net weight (kg) 2200 2900
Gross weight (kg) 2750 3700
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