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Yourun Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

BG-10、40、80、150、400 High-efficiency Automatic Coating Machine

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Main Uses:

BG Series coating machine is a mult-function coating facility mainly supplied by bharmaceutical and foodstuff industries for sugarcoating or film-coating process.

Working Principle:

This unit is consisted by main motor,spraying for compound material,hot-air-purifying,dust-removing and ventilating,and electric coating system etc.The plain cores of troche or pill are rotated in the coating cylinder following the sophisticated locus movement under the functing of stirring retainer,meanwhile,the spraying supply system is pressured to spray the coating medium on the plain corns automatically via the spray guns or the burettes.Meantime,the clean hot air supplied by the medium formed on the surface of the plain corns quickly.In the end,a layer of hard,thick and smooth medium is shaped on the surface of plain corns quickly.

Technique parameter:

Model BG-10 BG-40 BG-80 BG-150 BG-400
Max.load capacity(kg) 10 40 80 150 400
Cylinder dimension(mm) 580 820 1000 1200 1580
Material’s inlet dimension 260 340 400 480 480
Roller speed(times/min) 3-25 3-20 3-15 3-18 3-15
Main machine power(kw) 0.55 1.1 1.1 2.2 3
Main machine weight(kg) 220 500 700 850 1000
Overall size(mm) 900×840×2000 1180×850×1530 1250×990×1880 1770×1310×2200 2500×1700×2800
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