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GLZ-25 Type Dry Granulator

Release time:2019/06/24 Dry granulator Granulator series Views:202


Main application:

GLZ-25 Type Dry Granulator is laboratory dry granulator developed by ourselves, the small machine is the smallest size and good for laboratory research and development, used in the laboratory, pilot plant and small production line, 80 grams of dry powder can also be granulated. According to the mechanical extrusion granulation process principle, a certain amount of dry powder with crystalline water or fine crystalline materials can be extruded into thin tablets, then pass through the granulation system, through the mesh screen, become particles with the desired size.

Application of Dry granulator:

(1) Pharmaceutical industry — pharmaceutical products with particles, traditional Chinese medicine particles, anti biomass capsule filled with particles, anti biomass pellets, animal medicine particles, powder dialysis formulations.

(2) Food industry — condiments and spicy seasoning particles, the particles dessert manufacturing system, health food particles, particles of convenience foods, spices, dairy products, and health products.

(3) Chemical industry and other – cosmetics, pesticides, industrial chemicals, animal feed, detergent.

(4) Electrical industry, machinery industry — Ferrite block talc, porcelain material, oil bearing, magnetic material and other metallurgical particles.

(5) Plastics industry — All kinds of plastic molding particles made from phenol, urea, melamine, and epoxy.

(6) Catalysts for chemical industry and other industries, fertilizer, animal feed, pigment, cosmetics, grinding flour, all kinds of washing chemicals and other particles.

Technique parameter:

Items Unit GLZ-25
Compression roll size Φ*W 80*25
Production Capacity kg/h 1~5
Roll speed rpm 0~18
Rotating speed rpm 0~61
Granulation speed rpm 0~600
Finished product size mm 0.3~3.5
Roll pressure MPa 0~4
Power kw 2
Dimensions L*W*H mm 550*500*1180
Weight kg 198


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