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GHL Series High Efficient Wet Powder Mixing Granulator

Release time:2019/06/24 Granulator series High efficiency wet mixing granulator Views:164


Equipment overview:

The equipment can complete dry mixing, adding binder, granulation and other processes at one time, and the production efficiency is high, and the mixed granulation can be completed in 7-10 minutes. The granulation effect is good, the particle size is uniform, and the fluidity after drying is good. The mixing time is short, the material friction is less heat, and therefore the heat sensitive material is also suitable. Since the whole granulation process is carried out in a closed container, the material dust has little air pollution to the clean room, and there is no cross-contamination. The whole machine is made of stainless steel material that does not chemically react with the material, and the container, the stirring paddle, the blade and the discharging material. No dead ends, in line with GMP certification standards.

Working principle:

The machine is mainly suitable for the mixed granulation of powdery materials. The working principle is that the medicine raw materials are forcibly stirred and mixed in a sealed container, and then added with a binder, stirred and mixed, and mixed into a belt shape in a wet state, and rotated by a high speed. The chopping knife cuts the strip material into granules to complete the mixing granulation process.

Technique parameter:


Model GHL-50 GHL-150 GHL-200 GHL-250 GHL-300 GHL-400
Volume(L) 50 150 200 250 300 400
Yield(kg/h) 15 50 80 100 130 200
Stirring speed(r/min) 300/210 270/180 270/180 188/130 160/110 120/85
Stirring power(kw) 4/5.5 9/11 11/14 11/14 11/14 15/17
Cutting power(kw) 1.5/2.2 2.4/3 3.3/4 3.3/4 4.5/5.5 6.5/8
Particle size 20-80 20-80 20-80 20-80 20-80 20-80


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