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KZL-80、120、160、200 Fast Granule Sizing Machine

Release time:2019/06/24 Fast granulator Granulator series Views:172


Main purpose:

The machine is widely applied  in such industries as medicine, chemical industry, and food,  achieving good effect. With reasonably designed filter screen and rod, the machine can crush a pile of friable materials. According to the centrifugal force principle ,it uses filter screen with special pores to carry out careful sieving. The special fiction filter screen rod can crush solid particles and grind large agglomerates.


Main feature:

Homogenization and granule sizing of dry and wet granules, crushing and granule sizing of agglomerate materials, granulating of wet materials, and crushing of heat sensitive materials.

When it works, the heat is low and dust is little. The stator screen is made of stainless steel plate after machining and is not easy to damage. The interval between the crushing blade and screen is adjustable. It can handle viscous, gummy,hot and moist materials.


Technique parameter

Model KZL-80 KZL-120 KZL-160 KZL-200
Production capacity(kg/h) 50-100 100-200 150-300 200-400
Filtration pore diameter(mm) 1-8
Motor power(kw) 0.75 1.1 1.5 2.2
Rotation speed(r/min) Variable frequency speed control
Overall size(mm) 650*450*1000 1000*800*1200 1060*850*1350 1100*1000*1500
Weight (kg) 45 120 150 200


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