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Dry granulator for granulation of materials that cannot be solved by wet methods

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The dry granulator is a new device that directly uses the crystallization water in the material to make the powder into granules. It is widely used in granulation in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries, especially for granulation of materials that cannot be solved by wet methods. The granules produced by the machine can be pressed into tablets, filled capsules and the like.

Dry granulator structure principle:

The dry granulator is mainly composed of a degassing feeding propeller, a compression forming roll mechanism, a pulverizing unit, a granulating unit, a pressurizing mechanism, a control mechanism and a container.

Dry granulator working principle

1. Vertical feeding unit

The powdery material is sent laterally from the vibrating hopper to the main feeder through the quantitative feeder, degassed under the action of the main feeder agitating screw and pre-pressed into the arc grooves of the two left and right rolls, and the two rolls are A pair of intermeshing gears rotates in opposite directions at a constant speed, and the powder is rolled into a dense web at the moment of passing through the rolls. After the sheets pass through the rolls, they fall off the rolls under the action of elastic recovery, and a small amount of unshed pieces are removed. Scrape off by a scraper. The strip-shaped grooves uniformly distributed on the surface axes of the two rolls prevent the powder from slipping when being bitten by the rolls. After the material falls into the crushing and granulating machine, it enters the vibrating screen and is sieved and classified to meet the requirements of the granular product. The fine powder under the sieve is returned to the vibrating hopper for circulating granulation.

2. Horizontal feeding unit

The horizontal feeding process works exactly the same except that the feeding method and the roll mounting method are different from the vertical feeding unit.

In the horizontal feeding unit, the powder is transferred from the vibrating hopper into the agitator and is agitated and degassed, and then the spiral piece of the quantitative feeder is sent to the arc grooves of the two upper and lower rolls and pre-compressed, and the process and vertical process are followed. The charging unit is the same.

Dry granulator features

The dry powder is directly granulated without any binder.

The strength of the particles can be adjusted. The strength of the particles is controlled by adjusting the pressure of the rolls.

The product is sand-like irregular particles.

Continuous production, large production capacity, high degree of automation, suitable for industrial production.

The granulation cost is low.

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