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Dry granulator process is simple and convenient

Release time:2016/03/09 Business case News Product Views:179


The dry granulator is made into a granule compressible tablet, which is used as a granule, a capsule, and the like. Dry granulators are mainly used for granulation in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. The dry granulator is especially suitable for granulation of materials that cannot be solved by wet methods.

1. Medicine: tableting granules, capsule filling granules, etc.;

2. Food: granules, seasoning granules, etc. for food production.

3. Plastic: various plastic molding granules;

4. Chemicals: granules such as catalysts, pigments, detergents, etc.

The granulation process of the dry granulator starts from the addition of the dry powder material from the top of the equipment, and is degassed and spirally pre-pressed into the opposite roller. The material is plastically deformed and compressed into a sheet under the action of the maximum pressing force of the roller. . The sheet material is further processed by crushing, granulating, sieving, etc., and has a granular product.

Dry granulator features:

1. No need for water or dipping agent such as drunk, to avoid the instability of production.

2. Saving process (wetting, kneading, dry bathing) with high efficiency.

3. Pre-compression is applied by compression molding, so that the dry granulator can obtain a good tablet having high density, uniform weight, and no tablet breakage.

4. The dry granulator is made of imported stainless steel, which is small in size, easy to clean and meets the requirements of (‘GMP’).

Dry granulator features structure:

Only about 100 grams of powder can be used to understand the formability, and the ratio data can be increased, and various rolls and propellers can be replaced in a short time, which is convenient for testing. The dry granulator has components such as a degassing feed screw, a compression forming roll, a pressurizing mechanism, a control mechanism, and a container. Easy to disassemble and clean, in line with GMP requirements.

Dry granulator is a dry granulation equipment developed by our factory to absorb foreign advanced powder granulation technology. It is improved and improved on the basis of foreign technology. The structure is more reasonable and compact, the process is simple, the operation is convenient, and the performance good. The powder material can be directly made into a uniform granular product required by the user without adding any binder, and the particle density is large, no subsequent processing is required, and the process flow is reduced, and the dry granulator not only reduces the manufacturing process. Grain costs, and reduce dust pollution and improve the working environment of workers.

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