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Application significance of dry granulator

Release time:2016/03/09 Business case News Product Views:212


The dry granulator process is a new granulation technology that has emerged in recent years. At present, it is generally completed by a rotary dry press or a flat press granulator. The advantage of the dry granulator is that after adding appropriate amount of auxiliary materials in the traditional Chinese medicine extract powder, it can be directly granulated without the processes of wetting, mixing and drying, and the process is simple and can effectively ensure the quality of the traditional Chinese medicine. Technological development: In recent years, researchers have successfully developed pre-gelatinized starch, mannitol, lactose, water-soluble acrylic resin and cellulose derivatives for different preparations, and carried out a large number of dry extracts and auxiliary materials. The experimental work has achieved good results. For more quality testing, analytical testing, stoichiometry, and reference materials related to reference materials, please refer to the national standard materials. For example, the production of shuangchun granules, first spray drying the leaching solution, dry extract powder, using 10% low-substituted hydroxypropyl cellulose. (L-HPC) 80% ethanol solution as a binder, in a ratio of extract powder: diglycosaccharide: starch 10:3:2, placed in a granulator to stir, to achieve uniform particle size, sweetness of the particles, The moisture absorption is greatly reduced, which solves the problem that the dry extract powder has strong wettability and easy moisture absorption, and high concentration, low auxiliary material amount and low sugar granules are obtained. The technicians used the orthogonal experiment method to study the temperature required in the dry pressing granulation process of Banlangen granules, the moisture content of the extract powder, and the amount of auxiliary materials added. The results showed that: in the degree of influence on the granulation process, the auxiliary materials Dosage > Water content of the extract > Process required temperature. The dry granulator technician determined the process parameters by the experiment: the amount of dextrin added to the auxiliary material was 9%, the water content of the extract powder was 4%, and the process requirement temperature was 20 °C.

The dry granulator is a major branch of the process of powder and granule processing. With the environmental protection demand and the automation of the production process, its importance is increasingly evident. “Powdering of powdered products” has become an inevitable trend in the world’s powder aftertreatment technology. Dry granulators have low energy consumption, no additional binders, low investment, and a wide range of capabilities. For the strength processing of granules for powder products, the significance of dry granulators is mainly reflected in three aspects:

(1) Dry granulator reduces dust pollution and improves working conditions.

(2) The dry granulator meets the production process requirements, such as increasing the porosity and specific surface area, and improving heat transfer.

(3) Improve the physical properties of the product (such as fluidity, gas permeability, bulk density) to avoid segregation, pulsation, agglomeration, bridging in subsequent operations (drying, sieving, metering) and use processes (metering, dosing, etc.) And other adverse effects. In order to improve the automation of the production and use process, the sealing operation creates conditions.

The dry granulator involves processing various active pharmaceutical raw materials and one or more excipients, most of which are fine powders, and these powders have different particle sizes, density, and fluidity. Not good, easy to shape. Therefore, the dry granulator must undergo a key granulation process in order to carry out the next tableting, capsule filling or direct packaging of the drug substance in the form of granules.

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